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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • WHAT IS A HOLLYWOOD STYLE PHOTO BOOTH?   Our open space photo booth gives our customers and their guests more room and the ability to take fun pictures in a professional, studio like setting, giving them the awesome experience of feeling like a celebrity in the spotlight.                                                                 
  • WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHER PHOTO BOOTH COMPANIES?   Many photo booth companies use webcams and/or no professional lighting, the result is low resolution pictures with really bad lighting (dark), and ugly color (orange). InstaPix Photo Booth utilizes a professional DSLR camera and lens, with studio like lighting which allows for high resolution images/pictures that our customers love.                                                    
  • DOES THE ATTENDANT TAKE THE PICTURE?   No, our photo booth is completely automated giving our clients the liberty to be spontaneous and act silly. This is how it works:  your guests will choose a prop, walk into "the spotlight", press the "START" button on the screen when ready, and have fun while taking 3 pictures.                                                                 
  • SO WHAT IS THE JOB OF THE ATTENDANT?   The attendant will be there to ensure that everything works properly, answer any questions, keep the prop tables neat, and handout the pictures once printed.          
  • ARE PICTURES PRINTED ON THE SPOT?   Yes, after the pictures are taken, it takes about 20 seconds for the pictures to print, and EVERYONE in the picture gets a copy!!! (with the 2 (2x6) option).                                                                         
  • HOW MANY PEOPLE FIT IN THE PHOTO BOOTH?   One of the greatest advantages when using our photo booth is that one person can use it, or as many as can fit on the screen!!! Our current record is 16 people!! Our photo booth truly gives you the flexibility to have the most fun at your event!!                                       
  • DO YOU OFFER SCRAPBOOK SERVICES?   We do not; however, you will receive an online gallery from where you can download all the photos taken at your event and print at your leisure. This gallery will make sharing of your photos with friends, family and social media super easy {the online gallery will be available approximately 1-2 weeks after the event}.
  • WHAT IS THE "SOCIAL SHARING STATION" UPGRADE?   We will set up an iPad station next/near the photo station; once your guests are done taking their pictures, they may find their photos on the iPad where they can text them to themselves for easy sharing on Facebook, Instagram or any social media of their choice {The pictures are automatically transferred to the iPad within seconds of being taken} *INTERNET ACCESS MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS FEATURE*

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