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Hollywood Style Photo Booth

Designed by a professional photographer, our Hollywood style photo booth is the perfect style booth that provides not only an atmosphere of glamour by making our customers feel in the spotlight, but also produces high quality photos thanks to our professional studio lighting and camera equipment.

It's perfect for any celebration! Weddings, Quinceañeras, Birthday parties, Corporate events, School dances/parties.

...and InstaPix Photo Booth was born

Being in the professional photography business, we have seen it all. The many events (weddings, quinceañeras, corporate events) we have attended have given us the opportunity to witness all types of Photo booths, and the one common thing they all had was low quality pictures.

The only one that came close to a decent picture was one in which a live person would be the one taking the picture; the only bad thing, people did not feel as free to be silly when someone was in front of them taking the picture.

So, after much planning, we have created "InstaPix Photo Booth", you get the best of both worlds: awesome high quality images thanks to our DSLR camera and professional lighting, as well as the freedom to be as silly as you want by using our automated photo station. Also, being in an open space/Hollywood style photo station, gives you the freedom to make it as intimate or as big as you would like.

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